Happy New Year 2016.

After a few years off of shooting Groove Party, I made my way back down memory lane and shot the 2015 Groove Party. It was an exciting event for me as my favourite Jamaican Gospel reggae artist, Kristina Alicia was on in the country for the concert.

Here is a brief highlight of Groove Party 2015/6 held at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium.



Groove Party 01 Groove Party 02 Groove Party 03 Groove Party 04 Groove Party 05 Groove Party 06 Groove Party 07 Groove Party 08 Groove Party 09 Groove Party 10 Groove Party 11 Groove Party 12 Groove Party 13Groove Party 14Groove Party 15Groove Party 16Groove Party 17Groove Party 18Groove Party 19Groove Party 20Groove Party 21Groove Party 23Groove Party 24Groove Party 25Groove Party 26Groove Party 27Groove Party 28Groove Party 29Groove Party 30Groove Party 31Groove Party 32Groove Party 33Groove Party 34Groove Party 35Groove Party 36Groove Party 37Groove Party 38Groove Party 39Groove Party 40Groove Party 41Groove Party 42Groove Party 43Groove Party 44Groove Party 45Groove Party 46Groove Party 47Groove Party 48Groove Party 49Groove Party 50Groove Party 51Groove Party 52Groove Party 53Groove Party 54Groove Party 55Groove Party 56Groove Party 57Groove Party 58Groove Party 59Groove Party 60Groove Party 61Groove Party 62Groove Party 63Groove Party 64Groove Party 65Groove Party 66Groove Party 67Groove Party 68Groove Party 69Groove Party 70Groove Party 71Groove Party 72Groove Party 73Groove Party 74Groove Party 75Groove Party 76Groove Party 77


Hello there.

Thank you for being here.

I met this lovely couple on set of a previous assignment and we got chatting about having a baby bump photo session. Of the two, Harun was the most excited and looking forward to the shoot. That was something new in my career, a father to be that’s more excited than the mother to be.

On the day of the photoshoot that took place at the Nairobi Arboretum, I kept asking Mercy how many months she was into her pregnancy and i learnt she was due any time – literally, at any moment of that photo shoot, the baby could arrive . From the amount of energy and flexibility exhibited during the session, one would think she wasn’t even close to her due date.

As you may deduce, the photo shoot well and this post is a recap of what was captured. We had a lot of fun on this one.


2015/16 bookings are welcome via
Pic-1Pic-2 Pic-3 Pic-4 Pic-5 Pic-6 Pic-7 Pic-8 Pic-9 Pic-10


Hallo there.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

It’s been 9 months since I last posted and I am glad to be back. Happy 2015.

For first time visitors, you are most welcome. For those returning to view my work, thank you for your continued support through the times.

Today’s post features my friend Priscilla whose baby bump I had the honour of capturing in a few frames. She has since given birth to a bouncing baby boy whom I look forward to photographing.

Enjoy the post and be kind to leave a comment.

Thank you.


Priscilla 1

Priscilla 2Priscilla 3Priscilla 4Priscilla 5Priscilla 6PRI-7


Hallo there. For the first time visitors, welcome to the blog. For those that are back for more photo viewing, welcome back.

We had a blast shooting the engagement shoot for Rose and Teddy at Arboretum that we had to shoot part two.

We team accompanied Rose and Teddy for a chilled out afternoon we had fun shooting in Runda.

Enjoy. – Look out for the e-invite at the end.


I remain,

Dann Mchoraji.



Snack time before the shoot kicked off.
blogA casual look to kick off the shoot.

blog 2A formal look worked too.

Blog 3Rose and Teddy pull the gladiator look for a individual portraits.

IMG_4513They stepped had a chat over juice and Teddy was really enjoying her stories.

Blog 4

blog 5

Rose enjoying the evening sun as we got clicking…So much fun.IMG_4576


A pose before winding down.

Here is the wedding invite for all you wedding lovers.card 2


Rose and Teddy - 024

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog but the good thing is that I am back.

Meet Teddy and Rose, a very beautiful couple set to tie the knot later this year (2014).

I met Teddy (and his twin brother Erdwein) when I was 15 and we rode bikes together during school holidays. Not to mention we attended the same Sunday (Church) School in Kikuyu. Having been separated and reunited severally by the school attending periods, Teddy has been an awesome buddy and one of the coolest people I am very lucky to know and be associated with.

Fast forward to 2013 when Teddy introduced me to his fiance Rose, we had a chat about what it is that I exactly do as she had heard Teddy (and Erdwein) mention my name in regards to creative services. It was from then on that I gained a follower of my photography works. It is important to mention that she, (Rose) loves having beautiful photos of herself taken.

Early 2014, Rose and  Teddy announced their plans to tie the knot and Rose requested to view of my wedding photography portfolio and it is from that point that the countdown to December 2014 begun.

To kick off the journey in pictures, we had fun shooting the first part of their engagement shoot on an overcast Sunday afternoon at the Nairobi Arboretum. We all had fun.

Special thanks to Rose and Teddy for being such wonderful people and my assistants Shirley and Kiarii Kimani.


Rose and Teddy - 001Rose and Teddy - 002A pit stop baibe.

Rose and Teddy - 003I can be your superman.

Rose and Teddy - 004

Rose and Teddy - 005

Rose and Teddy - 006

Rose and Teddy - 007

Rose and Teddy - 008

Rose and Teddy - 009 Rose and Teddy - 010

Rose and Teddy - 011

Rose and Teddy - 012

Rose and Teddy - 013

Rose and Teddy - 014 Rose and Teddy - 015

Rose and Teddy - 016 Rose and Teddy - 017

Rose and Teddy - 018

Rose and Teddy - 019

Rose and Teddy - 020

Rose and Teddy - 022

Rose and Teddy - 021

Rose and Teddy - 023

Rose and Teddy - 024

Rose and Teddy - 025

#Live At The Elephant – 02.08.2013

i got to attend #LiveAtTheElephant for the first time last week. Here is my favourite image of the daylive at the elephant

Groove Nomination Night 2013

Click here to see pictures from the Groove Nomination Night 2013

GNN - 001


Hello there,


In my line of work, I also do studio photoshoots and location shoots setup. Here is a preview from a recent engagement shoot.
Studio Shoots 01 Studio Shoots 02 Studio Shoots 03 Studio Shoots 04 Studio Shoots 05 Studio Shoots 06 Studio Shoots 07 Studio Shoots 08 Studio Shoots 09 Studio Shoots 10 Studio Shoots 11


A preview of my product photography.


Take a look and enjoyHandbags 04 Handbags 17 Handbags 26 Handbags 34 Handbags 39 Handbags 45 Handbags 58 Handbags 61 Handbags 83 Handbags 85 Handbags 93 Handbags 105 Handbags 106 Handbags 109 Handbags 128 Handbags 144


Hallo there,

It’s been a while since I last posted. I have been taking a break to sharpen my skills and realign a few things for the year 2013. It was while on that break that I took the beautiful Chiritah Karanja (@Chiritah) for a photoshoot in the Athi Plains and we had fun.

The photoshoot was fun in the company of @Japho1 and Patricia who were my assistants for the day. It also doubled as a picnic with pals. To Japho and Pat, you guys rock. To Chiritah, I love you.


Chiritah 01 Chiritah 02 Chiritah 03 Chiritah 04 Chiritah 05 Chiritah 06 Chiritah 07 Chiritah 08 Chiritah 09 Chiritah 10 Chiritah 11 Chiritah 12 Chiritah 13 Chiritah 14Chiritah 15

Culinary Exploration: SEVEN – Sea Food & Grill

I recently went out to a very cool restaurant located at ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, SEVEN- Sea Food & Grill. It was an awesome experience to add onto the sumptuous dinner I had.

Sample the interior of the restaurant. As for the culinary experience, you just have to pay them a visit sample for yourself.

Wedding Photography


Hello people,

It’s been a while since my last post.

This is one wedding we enjoyed shooting some time back and were happy with the results. I have a very great photography friend to thank for his input in this shoot, one Isaac Thuku whose eye for detail and style really helped bring out the beauty of this wedding.

Ladies and gentlemen, I take this opportunity to introduce to you, EDNA + SILA.


Wallpaper: Wheat

Wallpaper Wednesday. Today we have wheat stalks from Narok.

Go ahead and download for your desktop.

I am Koby…

Koby strikes a pose…

Wallpaper: A Park Sunset

It’s time you changed that desktop wallpaper… Here’s a free wallpaper for you friend.

Tina rocks the Woodland…

One photographer, his assistant aka grips boy, a makeup artist, our lovely model and an undisclosed location… couple this up with some creative juices, and viola, a colourful model photoshoot.

A very big thank you to the model of the day, Ms. Tina Kagia (@tinakaggia), grips boy Japheth (@japho1) and make up artist Shose (@shoseaika).

I must apologize in advance for the scrolling  you are about to do but all in all, enjoy and leave a comment.



Glamour at Groove Awards 2012…….

Incase you missed the Groove Awards 2012…….

Here you go…

Beautiful Hands

B.Ball Awards KE

Here is a glimpse of the first ever Basketball Awards in Kenya courtesy of Code Red basketball… Enjoy.

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